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Shooting positions - prone part II

This is the second in a series of articles on shooting positions. Basic prone position - for fast, dynamic and Long Range shooting. Other positions may be suitable for precise shooting at paper targets if the shooter can handle them perfectly - but they may not be suitable for our disciplines. The first article is here...

This article and especially the video is taken from the Two Minutes To Target blog with permission of the author Darren Beyer. Gradually I will publish a translation and explanation in Czech language of other parts (there are 3 in total) because those videos are in English... Obviously there is no need to write something in English - those videos are pretty clear.

This first part shows what happens to the weapon during the shot and how a relaxed and "soft shoulder" is part of proper recoil management. So the video is here:

I must say that the video is beautifully done and clearly shows some principles. I'm actually teaching the same thing myself so I decided to use it with the permission because I am not able to make videos like that. Other videos will follow...


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