About us

We are a group of shooters who are interested in and enjoy accurate long distance shooting.


Primarily, we focus on "tactical shooting" but we do not avoid even Long Range disciplines or target shooting.

We are trying to constantly develop and improve our skills as well as keep up with technical innovations. This industry has been developing very much in recent years and we are trying to keep up...

Jakub "Harry" Janoušek

Shooting for 25 years, this discipline for 15 years. Except for the precise shooting, he competes with a pistol, revolver, rimfire rifle and an assault rifle.

Veronika Hrbková

Shooting for 5 years. Except for the precise shooting, she competes with a pistol.

Jiří Dušek

Shooting for 4 years. Except for the precise shooting, he competes with a pistol and PDW.

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