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About us

Shooting Team 8 (ST8) was originally formed as a team of shooters Long Range and Dynamic Precision Shooting (LR and DPS). And I created this site to show our work, publish some reviews, ideas and the like. Over time the material began to increase and so the site and blog grew into its current form…

Over time the ST8 is far from focused only on Long Range and Dynamic Precision Shooting, but also on defensive shooting from handguns and carbines or semi-auto rifles. The number of team members has grown to several dozen members. We do regular team trainings with handguns, rifles and LR and DPS and of course a team weekend for fun and relaxation.


As for shooting from handguns we focus mainly on Dynamic Defensive Shooting. We train every week and regularly participate in the LOS - Defense Shooting (similar to the IDPA) competitions where we have representatives in all categories (Pistol, Backup Pistol, Revolver and Backup Revolver). At the Czech Championship 2020 we were 8 shooters which was the largest team that participated… The results of our shooters are getting better and better and we bring some medals quite regularly.

We also train regularly with carbines and semi-auto rifles which is also about Dynamic Shooting. And of course we compete in these disciplines as well. This is either in LOS competitions or in various tactical competitions. Here our shooters are quite successful too.

Shooting from precision rifles is still our main passion. We also shoot competitions in precision shooting at medium distances (up to 300 meters. This is given by the type of shooting ranges in the Czech Republic), Long Range (300 - 1,400 meters. Mostly abroad) and we also like and are successful in various Dynamic Precision Shooting (usually from 20 meters up to a distance of over 1,000). These are civilian competitions such is the PRS which is becoming more and more organized in Europe and also tactical competitions which have a tradition in Europe. Sometimes they also include camouflage and non-shooting disciplines from the range of skills from the armed forces (estimating distances, working with a map, moving in the field, shooting at night, working on a rope, medical training, etc.). The top discipline is Extreme Long Range (over 1,400 meters) which we have also been working on for the last few years. In these disciplines we are regularly represented by 5 shooters and we have very good results.

This hobby is not only for boys but of course also for girls. And we're lucky that girls are part of the team and what's more - they're doing damn well... And our members are also very different in age. From young to retired. We are simply a team of normal shooters not "macho tactical warriors"...

Of course ST8 is dedicated not only to competitions but above all to improving our skills. We have been organizing regular trainings, courses and shows from the beginning. And they are also open to shooters who are not members of the team.

The 2020 season was affected by the Covid situation in Europe and I am afraid that 2021 will not be much better. But that is why we want to take every opportunity to do what we enjoy and what we do best.

I dare to say that in the few years that ST8 has existed we have made a name for ourselves not only in the Czech Republic but also on the European shooting scene (especially when it comes to Long Range, DPS and ELR). And that is because our hard work and results… And I hope that we will continue to do so just as successfully.

Jakub "Harry" Janoušek

Founder of the team

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