What calibers will we use in the 2022 season?

At the turn of the year I regularly evaluate the past season and plan for a new one. And equipment preparation is part of that. And as I have done in the past here again I have a summary of what caliber we are going to use in the 2022 season.


The events we participate in and the calendar


The equipment we use. Weapons and more

Pictures and videos

Would you like to try out a long range shooting or even other types of shooting?

We are just preparing the new season - 2022. Stay tuned.

This season we will focus on defensive shooting from handguns and LOS competitions. We also plan to focus intensively on Dynamic Precision Shooting (for example PRS competitions) and also Long Range.

PRS trainings have already been published on the AKCE page, where some competitions we will participate in are also published.


You can find the latest videos in the Video Gallery

Not only reports from competitions but also instructional videos and introduction of new equipment or attractions.

We started recording videos recently and we plan to expand our Video Gallery as much as possible.