Brand new Video Gallery

A brand new and upgraded Video Gallery offers a better overview. Videos will be found as soon as they are uploaded to Youtube. We have a new recording technique and we will start creating the videos a little more intensely!


The events we participate in and the calendar


The equipment we use. Weapons and more


Pictures and videos

Would you like to try out a long range shooting or even other types of shooting?

We have less events like training or courses this year. The reason is Corona crisis. It affected all. And not only in terms of competitions but also in terms of training and courses. We will not stay limited to the Long Range but we will also add handguns.


For this season the concept will be the same as last year. And we think it is sophisticated and we hope to improve the results of both our and our students.

Our events are designed even for those who do not have their own equipment as we have quality weapon systems available for rent. No gun license needed just clean criminal record...

If you want to learn from professionals who can not only pass on knowledge and experience but also put themselves high in competitions - here is your chance.


You can find the latest videos in the Video Gallery

Not only reports from competitions but also instructional videos and introduction of new equipment or attractions.

We started recording videos recently and we plan to expand our Video Gallery as much as possible.

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