Speed measurement with Magnetospeed

Measuring muzzle velocity is a basic and essential activity for precision long-range shooting. And not only when reloading where speed measurement is absolutely necessary to find suitable loads. But also for creating ballistic charts for long-range shooting. In short, we cannot shoot precisely without speed measurement. And one of these methods is to use a Magnetospeed device. What is the practical experience with it?


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Would you like to try Dynamic Precision Shooting in the Czech Republic?

The first DPS match in the Czech Republic according to international IPRF rules.

June 4, 2022 at the Skalice shooting range everyone will have a chance to try Dynamic Precision Shooting with us for the first time:

- shooting at various distances (up to 270 meters)

- shooting at metal targets

- shooting in a short time

- shooting from different positions using obstacles


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We started recording videos recently and we plan to expand our Video Gallery as much as possible.