Riflescopes test 2022

Almost two years ago we did an optical test of riflescopes and we thought it is time to repeat this test. And so we took several different scopes of ours and our friends (that is, our own pieces, nothing was on loan from a manufacturer or importer) and got down to business. Last time we did it at an indoor range under artificial lights and this time we were outside on a beautiful sunny summer day. But we discovered that this was not enough, so we again had an indoor shooting range with artificial lighting, which simulates bad light conditions. And while we were at it, we also evaluated the user comfort when using the scopes - because some of them surprised us with how difficult they were to work with. And finally, we also did a tracking test... 


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Would you like to try Dynamic Precision Shooting in the Czech Republic?

The first DPS match in the Czech Republic according to international IPRF rules.

June 4, 2022 at the Skalice shooting range everyone will have a chance to try Dynamic Precision Shooting with us for the first time:

- shooting at various distances (up to 270 meters)

- shooting at metal targets

- shooting in a short time

- shooting from different positions using obstacles


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