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DPS competitions in 2024 and how to start them

The year 2024 will be quite interesting for Dynamic Precision Shooting people, because certain changes have taken place in Europe and interesting new possibilities have opened up for us Czechs as well. And not only for experienced shooters, but also for beginners. And here's what it's all about...

PR22 - competition of Dynamic Precision Shooting with a rimfire according to the international rules of the IPRF.

This competition is part of the qualification for the PR22 World Championship in Italy 2023, where the representation will be selected by CZPRA (Czech Precision Shooting Association). It is the last of three qualifying competitions - the two best results from this series will be counted and the national team will be formed according to them. Participation in at least 2 qualifying competitions is a condition for participation in the national team.


You can find the latest videos in the Video Gallery

Not only reports from competitions but also instructional videos and introduction of new equipment or attractions.

We started recording videos recently and we plan to expand our Video Gallery as much as possible.

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