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Competition PR22 CZPRA December

At the beginning of December, ST8 held the first PR22 competition, which was also the first of three CZPRA qualifying competitions for the IPRF World Championship in Dynamic Precision Shooting with Rimfires which will be held in late summer 2023 in Italy.

The weather was kind to us and it was freezing and snowing a little all day. A truly winter atmosphere... True - the temperature was a bit too low...

I have to apologize but the matchbook is in Czech only - I didn't expect anyone from abroad and it was not necessary to do it in English. If we will make a match where we could expect international shooters, we will do both language versions...

The competition had 8 stages and was shot at distances from 65 meters to 220 meters. In this case there was no possibility to zero the rifle before the start but everyone had to rely on the fact that they their rifles properly zeroed. Of course, everyone had the opportunity to do it at any time before - the Skalice shooting range is public and it is possible to go there at any time and train... Some shooters also took advantage of this fact.

The situation as well as the distances and sizes of the targets were known in advance. However we built the obstacles and targets during the night before the match so no one had the opportunity to practice these specific stages in advance. From this point of view, it was more about who has universal skills and can adapt better than who can train a specific stage better. And that was also the intention...

In this competition, all situations were for the exact number of shots and the procedure of solving the targets. And with style - even if you don't hit, you move on to the next one. The truth is, because of this rating, many shooters did not have full points on stages. Also the difficulty was not easy but medium. After all - it was not a competition intended primarily for beginners - but a qualification for the World Championship. And in this case low difficulty would not be adequate.

The first situation was quite standard - a tank trap (we call them a hedgehog)... This obstacle is quite standard and appears in almost all DPS competitions whether with rimfires or with a big bore rifle.

Martin Hlušička had the best result, 8 hits.

The roof is also a standard obstacle. In this case we had a slightly increased difficulty for right handed because shooting the first target on the right from the left side of the roof was just a little tricky. The left handed had slightly easier conditions here... The condition was also that the shooter must not stand on the ground.

Jakub Janoušek had the best result, 5 hits.

Pillars are again a standard situation that can be encountered very often.

Jakub Dvořák had the best result, 10 hits - full house.

The pallet is another of the standard and common obstacles. So is shooting with a weak hand and a weak eye. This time the righties were in a slight advantage for a change...

Martin Hlušička had the best result, 8 hits.

Barrels are another common situation everywhere in the world.

Tomáš Hubáček had the best result, 6 hits.

"Turn around" is a specialty at competitions of the Central European PRS series which is at every match in Slovakia (shooter have to turn around 10 times in one direction, than get behind the rifle which is already on the ground). In this case we included it so that the shooters also warmed up a bit...

Pavel Janů had the best result, 6 hits - full house.

"The barricade" is another quite common situation. Some shooters may have a problem with the size of the "window". They are not small but not all shooters manage to build a position quickly.

The best result was Jakub Dvořák, 8 hits - full house.

The inverted inclined platform was a bit tricky and it was a question of how one would handle it. The normal bipods were still low even when extended to the maximum... However some people have bipods that can be extended above standard. Others used a bags under them and there were also a few shooters who used a tripod... It was interesting to see a different approach to this situation by the shooters.

Jakub Janoušek had the best result, 9 hits - full house.

The winners really deserved their place. It also became clear who is prepared and how well his technique works. And it should be mentioned that it was very close between second and seventh place in the Open category.

PR22 are competitions where the maximum target distance is up to 250 meters and this is possible in our conditions at several shooting ranges. Also, the rimfires themselves and especially the ammunition for them are available. And above all - it's fun!

Thank you for your support to the sponsors: Savetheday IBO POĽOVNÍKIBO CZWiley X Czech Republic​ BEAREKA​


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