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Over the years I have experienced more than once that people helped me even though they didn't have to. People will surprise you sometimes. Whether the people you know for a long time or someone almost stranger who doesn't even know you well...

And I think that life is ruled by the slogan - when you give, you get. And so I try to give myself beyond my duties or beyond what people expect. Mostly I make myself happy this way too...

Of course one always comes across insidiousness, envy and bad people. Surprisingly this is a particularly frequent phenomenon in our industry. So when you meet somebody completely selfless you will be pleasantly surprised.

Recently I have unexpectedly encountered this phenomenon again...

Our ambitious project "King of 2 Miles" (Ko2M) is not a secret. This competition is the highlight of the Long Range. And on a global scale... As far as I know, no Czechs have been involved yet.

We the ST8 team will participate in the first Ko2M competition in Europe in number of four shooters! Harry and Veronika and also Lukas and Vladimira. We all are experienced Long Range shooters but that is not enough in this case. This year (next year in the higher category?) we will compete (all four of us) in the "Master of 2 Kilometers" (Mo2Km) category, because none of us have equipment for shooting 2 miles (3,219 meters). Moreover it is a big problem to test and train these distances because our longest public civil shooting range is only 500m. We all normally participate in Long Range competitions in other countries, but training and testing is a problem. Moreover, shooting at these extreme distances is also very expensive and for all of us it is at the limit of our possibilities...

And here suddenly there are people who have selflessly helped us (I can't speak for the L + V team but to the H + V team definitely). With different help, advice, preparation and even financial help. Actually I'm starting to feel that this idea and project has already begun to live its own life - and I'm just becoming a passenger who only says where he wants to go...

I have not experienced this kind of help and solidarity for a long time and it is incredibly satisfying. I thank all who help us. Our participation in the King of 2 Miles in France is not just ours. Many other people are taking part in this event with us... Thank You

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