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Long Range tactics equipment

Recently we have participated in the Slovak National Championship in tactical shooting - the Association of Precision Shooting of Slovakia - Long Range. It was the final match of the series that we also participated in. But this time it was about shooting not only from precise rifles but also from pistols and semiauto rifles.

And because it was a fairly unusual competition in this respect I prepared a list of equipment used in this match. In the charts there is also the equipment of the best shooters.


Here it may be quite interesting and surprising to see that Blaser rifles. They are not that common at the Long Range matches. Yet these tactical competitions attract other shooters than the F-Class. For some of the shooters their hunting orientation can be seen. And this could be the origin of those Blasers. Otherwise it is interesting to see the growing numbers of Ruger PR and Tikka TAC which are designed for similar disciplines.


Here is clear downfall of .308 win and the onset of 6.5mm calibers. There are also two 7mm. And I am convinced that (as in US) the trend towards caliber with better ballistics and a lighter recoil will also be the case for us.


Even between riflescopes there is a shift towards optics with a magnification of about 5-25x. Sure there are also exceptions. And we can not expect the shooters to change their quality optics soon. The sale of high-quality optics is so lossy in our country (and Slovakia too) that it is not reasonable...

However magnification and lens diameter are not the only important criteria. For tactical shooting it is more than convenient to have a good reticle. Modern "christmas tree" design reticles allow for very accurate and fast holdover. And as far as speed is concerned clicking corrections is simply not enough...


In this competition it was interesting that outside of the factory stocks - only GRS and Accuracy International were presented. GRS were in all cases wooden and ergonomically shaped for the right or left hand. All of the AI versions are aluminum with plastic parts and symmetrical on both sides. Recently we were on the other tactical competition - where we had to shoot from our weak hand side in different positions (also standing without support). In such a situation shooters with "ergonomic" GRS would have quite a problem...


I was quite surprised that no one was using Harris bipods. TST is Czech production and Fortmeier are from Germany. Anyway here is visible the shift to the heavier but more stable bipods.

Barrel lenght

Interesting comparisons in which there are no shorter barrels. At this competitions we are shooting at distances of up to 700m. And all of the shooters choose to get the most of the potential of their calibers. 28" barrel is already quite a long but in this case the caliber 280 Rem just calls for it. But for most calibers the optimal length for tactics is just 24" - 26". All without exception were equipped with powerful muzzle brakes. Especially for shooting from non-standard positions and in time limit it is a great asset.

Semi auto rifles

In this competition we also shot paper and metal targets from semi auto rifles. The vz.58 was of course the most represented - but honestly I expected more (Sa vz.58 is former Czechoslovak army rifle. Their civilian versions are common and cheap). The shift to the AR15 rifles has quite surprised me. But as far as the results are concerned it's not that surprising...

Semi auto calibers

Again the same trend as the Long Range Rifles has been confirmed - calibers with better ballistics and lighter recoil are simply wanted more and more...

Semi auto rifle sights

Popravdě jsem nevěděl co od této soutěže a vložené střelby z útočné pušky čekat. Sám jsem měl na pušce kolimátor a říkal jsem si že to jistě bude stačit. Střílelo se na kovové terče ve vzdálenostech 50 až 140 metrů, což nebyl s kolimátorem problém, s mechanickými mířidly už trochu ano. Ale také na papírové terče ve vzdálenosti 44 a 55 metrů. A tam už byly pušky vybavené optikou se zvětšením přeci jen ve výhodě.

Honestly I did not know what to expect from this competition and the shooting of the semi auto rifle. I myself have a red dot sight on the rifle and I thought it should be enough. It was shot at metal targets at distances of 50 to 140 meters which was not a problem for red dots (with mechanical sights a little bit). But also on paper targets at a distance of 44 and 55 meters. And there the rifles equipped with optics with magnification had the advantage.


Shooting with a handgun was also put into the competition and it was a dynamic shooting of metal targets. I found an interesting comparison of what weapons we used.

Pistol calibers

And I also found it interesting that there were two shooters with a .45 ACP. All the equipment, weapons and ammunition we had to have with us all the time...

I am preparing more information about this interesting competition in the next article...

Not only to members of our team we can offer help or advice when choosing the right equipment. We already have some experience and results with it... Do not be afraid to contact us.

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