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Long Range and tactics in June

Two competitions in one weekend again but this time it was quite different... The Long Range was not on metal targets as we are used to - but on paper targets. It was a precise shooting. And in this discipline we do not usually have good results... However there was an unexpected situation - the results were great.

To our surprise I won both the Long Range on paper targets and the tactical competition on another shooting range the other day... Just this time everything worked suspiciously well. So not just a rifle was performing well but I did not spoil it too...

In addition we tested a new rifle for the first time directly on the Long Range. This is the proven Tikka T3 in the MD3 HS3 chassis. New is the caliber - 7mm Practical. This weapon should be our shooting tool up to a distance of 2 kilometers. I was only trying to get used to the new caliber and its ballistics. And because it works well we'll make some changes to start training. We want to be able to start seriously with this system from next season.

I was not sure how it would be with the recoil - it is a magnum caliber after all. But as you can see the recoil is mild and easily manageable. The combination of higher weight, long barrel, muzzle brake, stable bipod and comfortable recoil pad - and above all the well-chosen caliber surprised me immensely.

Veronika also enjoyed a new toy - Vortex Viper PST II 5-25x50. There are some differences from the older model. It is better optically, the turrets have 10 MIL per rotation instead of five, it have the Zero stop, different illumination and other things ...

And especially the new reticle EBR-2C. For our use - mostly tactics and shooting from different positions and fast shooting - you need not only to click correction but also to be able of hold over. And for this kind of use was this reticle created and works fantastically! It's a big step forward for the Vortex and at this price level it just does not have any challenger...

We enjoyed the tactical match as usual. It is beautiful shooting range and environment and we had great weather. As usually we had some reserves. But even so I managed to win the match for the second time this year ...

To be fast enough and not to make a mistake from stress and hurry it helps to have well organized equipment. Think about what you really need and what is mostly useless. Where will you store the equipment, what must be on hand and what not... This picture shows that we practically do not use shooting mats. They are no benefit to us on the grass or sand. On the contrary - it only holds us back, takes up space in the backpack and adds to it some weight. And there are more such things.

Tato taktická soutěž je kombinací střelby na papírové a kovové terče. Většinou je na střelbu i přesuny poměrně málo času a všechno se tak odehrává velmi rychle a intenzivně. Vzdálenosti jsou od 300m do 700m. Studená rána na 600m, střelba vsedě bez opory na 415m. Nestřílí se z jednoho stanoviště, ale mění se několikrát za závod. Je tedy potřeba vše zabalit a přesunout se do jiné pozice, v průběhu závodu několikrát a v krátkém čase. Tyto taktické soutěže jsou pro nás velmi zábavné a akční.

This tactical competition is a combination of shooting on paper and metal targets. Most of the time there is a relatively short amount of time for shooting and moving and everything is happening very quickly and intensively. Distances are from 300m to 700m. Cold bore shot is at 600m and shooting in sitting position unsupported at 415m. We do not shoot from one lane but the shooting lane changes several times for the match. So it is necessary to pack everything up and move to another position and do that several times and in a short time. These tactical competitions are very fun and enjoyable for us.

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