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Long Range and Tactics in May

In mid-May we went back to Slovakia for Long Range and Tactics. We enjoyed a beautiful three days full of interesting shoots in a beautiful place. We like to join these competitions where we always meet interesting people from all over Europe.

On Saturday and Sunday the weather was beautiful. This LR shooting range is over 1400m long and there is sand everywhere. When the sun shines it hurts the eyes - they are tired soon.

We are shoting at metal targets of approximately 0.4x0.6 MIL size. For 1000m it is 40x60cm target size. The magnification we use in the competition is usually about 15 times. Although our riflescopes have a maximum magnification of about 25x we always use smaller one. The point is that we need a larger viewing angle so we can immediately see our hits (and after the shot the rifle always bumps a bit - so to see the shot a wider field of view is needed). Also when the sun is shining the air is more "moving" and the mirage is heavier. The targets and hits are better visible with lower magnification...

I have made some changes with my rifle (Remington 700 in the 6.5 Creedmoor caliber). I tested the new MDT ESS chassis and the Vortex scope (my regular chassis is the AX AICS and Schmidt & Bender PMII scope). I knew the result would be worse than with my standard setup but I need to test it somewhere. Review will be done soon... Veronica was in good shape and was successful finishing in a beautiful 4th place. On the third place was our new team-mate Lucas...

On Sunday we had Tactics on another shooting range. Our friend Tomas was with us. For him it was the very first competition and he did enjoy it as well. At sunday I have learned how to work with new equipment better and managed to finish on the third place in the end...

We really enjoy these competitions and we all did enjoyed it all again. We look forward to the next month again.

By the way our training greatly pays off especially for less standard things such as fast shooting or team shooting or position shooting...

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