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Long Range equipment

Here we have some interesting statistics of equipment (weapons, scopes, bipods and muzzle brakes) used by shooters at the Long Range competition which took place on 14.4.2018 in Slovakia. This competition is divided into three categories. The shortest distance is 500m and the longest by category - 1000, 1100 or 1450m. Shooters were from several European countries.

I just wanted to make a list - out of curiosity. I have a plan for the future to make this list more accurate and detailed because more details could be interesting. In the future there will be caliber and exact type of scopes as well as information about custom parts - for example other stock, barrels and trigger systems... Also it will be interesting to add the results by type of equipment. So now only simply.

Weapons. On the spot during the event I did not realise how many interesting and unusual types of weapons were represented. Relatively low numbers of really precise and expensive systems. But Tikka and Remington's are quite widespread. CZ was a rarity just like the M98 system...

Scopes. Unfortunately riflescopes are mainly about market accessibility. I am sure that this plays a significant role both in Europe and especially in the Czech Republic. I know well how difficult it is to get what a person really wants - so we just buy what the dealers have in stock...

Bipods. It is quite similar to the scopes. TST Design which is a Czech manufacturer is really not common outside Europe. Fortmeier as a German manufacturer is also represented in large numbers.

Muzzle brakes. Here I just did a survey of how many shooters use them and how many do not. The ratio is 50 yes / 13 no.

In this survey I have not yet made any differences between the categories or results. At the next competition I will try to go deeper ...

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