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Sniper Cup - second round 2018

The second round of this year's Sniper Cup, which is at Ludvíkovice shooting range. This is an precise target shooting with a few interesting stages - "disappearing targets", 300m hostage and elbow shooting. We do not usually place high on these competitions, but here came a breakthrough!

Shooting in the prone position - sometimes a rear bag is allowed and sometimes is not. One stage is without support at all, only elbows can be used.

The weather was beautiful, the sun was shining and it was really warm. But the shooters are in the shadow...

...which sometimes could make difficult to see the scope adjustments. The flashlight should be on hand.

Veronika is lucky this fifth place this year. But in this competition it's really a success.

Ivo competed in two categories and really shined with the semiautomatic rifle. He was second!

With the sun, the mirage was quite strong and it was a problem to see sharp for a while. The picture is nicely captured but only the pasters after the test shots are seen. But seeing the hits was not possible...

We broke it and we got to the top 3 for the first time. Ivo was second in the Semiauto category and I was third in the Open category...

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