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Camouflaging gear and equipment

Sometimes we want to camouflage the equipment, whether due to tactical competitions, undesirable glare, or we just like it.

One of the options is spray paint. This kind of camouflage does not have a lasting character, but it's one-time. We should change and adjusts the paint according to the current environment or the season. This is for mixed vegetation in the summer when we expect sunshine... The work is quite fast and easy.

Yes, you can learn similar things in our course "Sniper course - basic".

Maskování barvami

Here are a few things we chose to camouflage. Water bottle, ammo boxes and power bank (we use it not only to recharge phones and so on, but also to power the Labradar - it is quite consuming energy...).

Maskování barvami

The equipment we use - adhesive tape and paper (in this case only to cover the cable openings at PowerBank) acetone (on cartons and bottles were paper labels. We removed them and the remaining adhesive was removed with acetone) and camouflage colors.

We use different brands of colors from different manufacturers. But they are the colors for this purpose - they dry quickly cover well and are not very resistant (for example against scratches or abrasions). This is on purpose because they are designed for single use and repeated spraying - so it is easy to wash them off and get rid of them.

Why do we use colors from different manufacturers? Because they are slightly different in their color tones - which we want ...

Maskování barvami

The base is in combination of green / brown.

Maskování barvami

We use other colors not on the entire surface but to break the shapes and the integrity of the colored fields. The box is still in basic colors and the bottle is already being processed.

Maskování barvami

We added four more colors to the basic green / brown combination. They were sprayed through various natural materials as shown in the picture. These natural materials actually serve as a template.

In this case we used a branch with small leafs two kinds of grasses and one dried something (I'm not a botanist)...

Maskování barvami

A finished bottle. It is easy to see the green / brown base... By the way I finished with the green and brown again.

Maskování barvami

A hotový zbytek... Asi by Vás mohlo napadnout, proč ty světlá místa. Jak jsem už zmiňoval, je to určeno do prostředí, kde je kombinace nízkých listnatých porostů a travin. A s předpokládaným silným slunečním svitem. Je tedy dobré se vypořádat i s aspektem "světlo / stín", kdy skrz řidší listnatý porost svítí slunce a na zemi vytváří světlé skvrny...

And the rest of it... You might ask why those bright spots. As I have already mentioned it is intended for an environment where there is a combination of low trees and grass. And with the expected strong sunshine. So it is good to deal with the "light / shadow" aspect where the sun shines through leafs and creates bright spots on the ground...

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