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Long Range and tactics

In mid March 2018, we took part in two contests - the Long Range 500-1000m and 300-700m tactics. Both were held in Slovakia. This time we were three shooters - me, Veronika and Ivo.

For both of them, it was the premiere of the Long Range, so they enjoyed it.

The first day was training. We needed to try and test everything, check ballistic charts, and so on. There was almost no wind (ideal conditions), so we could concentrate purely on ballistics. However, nothing is free, so of course it was raining. We were lucky and found an abandoned tent, so we took it right away. In the training - we were doing so well - that it felt kind of weird...

The competition itself takes place on metal and paper targets. Paper targets are 500 meters away.

Metal targets are from 500 to 1000 for the Standard category where we competed, or up to 1400 meters for the Magnum category. Their size is roughly 0.7x0.5 MIL. At 1000m it means that they have a width of 50cm and a height of 70cm and at all distances they seems to be the same, but the closer, the smaller. The little ones in the bottom of the picture are 500m and are smaller and also more difficult. Time to hit them is 5 seconds. They were also used on Sunday tactics.

During competition, the weather changed, and it did not rain, but it cooled down and the wind began to blow. The wind changes the course of the projectile, mainly to the sides. Also, it was not constant, but it changed. As a result, most of us "chased left and right", like on a carousel...

These conditions fully tested the shooters, who must rely on their ballistic tables and their "wind smell". Appropriately chosen equipment, of course, will help us, and our 6.5 Creedmoor guns have proven their potential and suitability for shootin at longer distances. Veronika with her Ruger RPR and the old but reliable Vortex PST finished in fifth place in a full-fledged competition!

We were very successful and I ended up second. Tomasz Kirczuk from Poland, who just managed to hit everything what he aimed at, was just better. The competition was really international again. We met shooters from Poland, Germany, Hungary, Romania and Austria in addition to the Slovaks and Czechs.

The other day was a tactical competition on another shooting range. It was shot on both paper targets and metal, at distances from 300m to 700m. Again, it cooled down, it was freezing and the wind blew and changed even more this time. Conditions were more difficult than at the Long Range...

This type of competition is not from the same place but the shooters move from position to position. And of course with all the equipment. Moreover, there are very short time limits, even for transfers. Therefore, some shooters do not use pads, but we only carry backpacks with the necessary equipment (ammo, notepads, rangefinder, water ...).

Metal targets at a distance of 700m. We have 5 seconds to shoot and if a shooter does not hit - it is not possible to see where was the miss - so it is very difficult to guess how to aim another shot. It's a very difficult discipline...

It is a beautiful shooting range where one is not bored. We have to move from place to place and most of the last discipline is the most difficult. The small metal targets are in the game (see picture above). Each shooter has 5 targets at unknown distances from 420m to 525m. We have 3 minutes to find, identify, and measure the distance. Without a really good rangefinder, you can not make it. Then is shooting 5 shooters at a time. There is no limit to the number of rounds, but this time has been a time limit to hit all five targets 60 seconds ... And that's really fast! The fastest shooter has been able to handle five shots (each hit shot) in 38 seconds!

Again, we were doing well above expectations. Finally, I managed to overcome Tomasz and I won! Veronika finished again in fifth place. This weekend we really did well above expectations. It's been suspicious since training, but it's been through to the end ...

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