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Tactics in the snow

This time we took part in a tactical competition in conditions other than usual - in frost and in snow ...

As practically all team members have new weapons and ammunition, the beginning of the season will focus on correcting ballistic charts and "getting used to the new gear". So we do not expect any great results, but we use this competitions for training and to confirm our ballistic charts. This was the first time we fired at 500m or more.

Because of the conditions shooting was a bit more difficult, because it was quite stiff frost. Lying on the snow and waiting was - of course - not easy.

All shooters used the shooting mats. On the one hand, to protect from the cold, because some shooters had isolated mats, or just to protect from freezing to the ground - as the closest pad, which is only a strong waterproof fabric, without padding. I was the only one to shoot without a pad, just lying down on the ground... Quality clothes just allow to do that.

Targets were up to 700m. Sometimes the sun was shining, sometimes even against us. Very nice ...

A view through optics on paper targets at a distance of 500m. The little metal squares on the ground were targets too.

Interesting were other than prone positions. This obstacle was shot at metal targets at different distances, prone from the bottom opening through the middle hole and then from the top of the board. Of course, there was a time limit.

Also simple sitting position can be technically improved when you know how to do it. After all, we also have a Positions training - a training focused on that. As usual, we had quite good results. By the way, this was on a 10cm target for about 200 meters.

And finally, a favorite discipline - these metal targets. 10 different targets at unknown distances, this time between 250 and 520 meters. Of course there was a time limit. These metals are about 25cm tall (but they are set in the ground so that they can be seen as much as 20cm) and about 17cm wide...

Veronicas ballistic charts matched better and she had good position shooting and the last discipline. She ended up in about middle. I struggled more with ballistic charts, even when the positions and the last discipline also went well, overall I was a few places behind Veronica. Anyway, it was a great weekend and we moved on again - and that's all that matters...

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