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Sometimes we are not 100% happy with our equipment, so we are trying to modify it. Or, in this case, invent and make something completely new...

So let's take a look at one small remake of the weapon system.

That was how one of our weapons looked like at the beginning. Tikka T3 6,5x55, MDT HS3 chassis. I temporarily mounted the grip and stock from my AR15 because I wanted a stock that no one offered (now the situation is already different).

And I made this...

On the HS3 chassis I wanted to have a tubular fore end so the bipod could be both ahead and closer to the barrel. I also wanted to be able to install different accessories in the future.

I wanted the fore end with the smallest profile, both because of the weight and also the size. It's even a bit narrower than the chassis itself.

Another change was the installation of the Ergo Grip Deluxe grip, which I use on all of the guns, because I did not find a better alternative yet... Also, it was necessary to make a bolt handle, because the original was tiny and it was difficult to manipulate with the bolt. In this chassis it was a complete tragedy. This new one with the ball is very good, I'm very happy.

Another change was the folding stock. Adjustable buttstock is MDT and adjustable cheekpiece Accuracy International.

We used the D-force joint, which appeared to be the strongest at the time we made this customization. Today I would have gone another way...

The stock has a recess in which the bolt handle fits in the folded state. This is only semi-finished, the final stock will be a bit more sophisticated.

To get the stock closed over the bolt handle, I wanted from the beginning. Folding stock both for transportation and for cleaning. And folding over the handle to protect her and also to keep the rifle slim in the folded state. I can also use it tactical movement with the rifle on the sling...

It was of course necessary to test properly the whole set - whether it negatively influenced the original performance and the accuracy of the system ... It influenced - but positively. Thanks to the bipod more forward and closer to the barrel, it is very stable when shooting. Me happy...

The next step was the Cerakote, which we will show next...

Bigger pictures in the Gallery...

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