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Veronika Long Range.

First shots...

Zeroing and cleaning.

Barrel Break-in.

T4 Terminator vs MDT Elite muzzle break - .308 Winchester...

Shooting using the tripod.

Shooting Long Range and the proper wind corrections.

MDT ACC chassis.

King of 2 Miles i France 2019.

Entry level LR and PR system.

Standard LR and PR system.

Slovakian tactical championship 2018.

Shooting tripods Leofoto.

Muzzle brakes test part II.

Muzzle brakes test part I.

MDT LSS XL GEN2 chassis.

Shooting with wristwatch.

MDT HS3 chassis.

Cheaper Vortex scopes.

Shield 2018 night shooting 520 meters.

Shield 2018 igniter cord shooting...

LOS (similar to the IDPA) secret stage.

Night LOS (defensive shooting) with CZUB Scorpion EVO.

Fast shooting with holdover method. Two targets in different distances.

Fast shooting with dialing method. Two targets in different distances.

7mm Practical and missing bullets problem. The first two shots were hits but then nothing. That is why the observer does not report anything - she has nothing to report...

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6,5x55 recoil.

Handgun training. We train and compete with handguns as well...

Fast shooting at a match. Two shots in 5 sec.

Low recoil with 7mm Practical.

Fast barrel change on Remington 700.


Visible flight path of the bullet in ideal conditions.

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