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Notebook and accessories

I've already mentioned in the Blog about the different quality and properties of both waterproof notebooks and markers.

From this experiment and long-term experience I have come to a clear conclusion - it is nonsense to save a few money on these things. Quality is definitely worth it. The notebooks and paper of the Rite in the Rain brand proved to be the best.


Because this company makes papers and notebooks in multiple sizes the pictures show a comparison of 3x5 and 4x6 inch notebooks.


I used the 3x5 notebooks with original cover and original pen for years. But it turned out to be a bit of an impractical solution because in the end I do not usually write on both sides of the paper but only on one side. And it is not big enough. I was constantly struggling with a lack of space. The cover has pen slots but to fit the calculator in is difficult.

Later I started to use 4x6 inch (about 10x15cm) notebooks. Their size and usable area suit me much more. Remarks for standard competitions will fit on one page with no problems... And the overall size of the package is only slightly larger than the original 3x5 notebook case. This is because it does not have a zipper that takes a lot of space and weight.

In the original 3x5 case a small calculator can fit but the problem is to close it. But nothing else will fit into it... Ballistic charts in this dimension are really inadequate. And there is no other place to put them...

I often say that the calculator is the snipers second best friend. Without it you just can not get around.

I have tried several different types and brands. In the end Sencor SEC 263/8 proved to be the best for us. It is small has simple functions and controls. It uses solar power and battery (one I have over 12 years old and it still works seamlessly). What is unique about it is the cover. In the closed state it protects the buttons from being accidentally pressed - even if you sit on it (many times proved). That cover is just for great! Size, simplicity and cover. This calculator is simply a winner for us - for over 10 years! Amazing...

Thanks to the cover camouflage painting is easy simple and safe.


Another important component of the system is the pen. Based on both the test and the long-term experience I have decided on alcohol based markers.

Not only is it great when writing on paper but also on other surfaces. Above all their ability to write on laminated transparent boards is a key for me - they can write corrections on ballistic charts. These descriptions will last even in the rain yet they can easily wash off with alcohol. You just need to write on a dry surface. Usually you just wipe with your hand the water or moisture off.

They can actually be used on virtually any surface. And it keeps on it - yet it can easily be removed. For me it's really an important and valuable feature.

All these proven and practical components need to be put together in one compact package.

After months of testing and developing I finally designed and made a cover that is compact and practical. It is precisely designed for the Rite in the Rain 4x6 notebook, Sencor calculator and two markers.

I made them in two versions - the Coyote brown and the Multicam camouflage pattern. Both of these versions proved to be great.


They are tailored to the exact components. From the outside, they have Velcro fastener for the standard size patch 2x3 inches (5x7.5cm). Furthermore a flexible rubber band for closure.


In the open state the rubber band can prevent the sheets from twisting. It is quite common that the wind blows on the firing line. He then turns the pages - usually at the most inconvenient moment. Thanks to the rubber they can be fixed and the wind is no longer a problem. Maybe it's funny but valuable little thing!

In an open state the package is of sufficient size to be used as a pad for empty shells or the magazine. We do not want the sand or other dirt to get into the magazine...


If the situation allows I also use a large case in which I have a shooting log ammo and empty shells and other basic equipment. And than the basic notebook with accessories.

However such comfort is not always possible - and in such situations I always have to have the most important things at hand.

Basic system - notebook with the cover, calculator, ballistic charts and markers.

The truth is that I carry this setup every day and everywhere with me... I can fit a business cards behind the calculator and I can write anything important in my notebook - not only the shooting things...


The answer to the question where to buy this and how much this cost is simple. At us and for the following prices:

Notebook     Rite in the Rain 4x6                     6,- €

Cover     for notebook                                     20,- €

Calculator    Sencor SEC 263/8                       3,- €

Marker     (black / blue / red / green)                 1,- €

Patch     ST8 - rubber                                        8,- €

This offer is not only for team members. Just contact us...

Not only to members of our team we can offer help or advice when choosing the right equipment. We already have some experience and results with it... Do not be afraid to contact us.

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