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For transport and storage of weapons ammunition and other equipment we need different cases and boxes.

I prefer hard cases because of the possibility of storing. Of course we are not running anywhere with them but use them to store in a vault or for transport.

Of course they are not appropriate to carry at the shooting range. For that purpose we use backpacks, bags, various "drag bags" and the like. But these are not entirely suitable for storage especially because they do not usually stand alone and we can not store them on each other.


The picture shows the different sizes and types of cases and boxes that we use. There are 28 cases of different sizes and this is not all we have. It's just what I have at home. I still have quite a lot on the shooting range and elsewhere...


There are also various cases for long weapons. 10 on this picture.

Also medium size cases for various equipment - the smaller ones only with a handle and bigger with wheels and a pull-out handle. And there are also small cases for small equipment, ammunition and  handgun cases.

And what brands do we use? That's different. Some cases are unlabeled, common and inexpensive. Some are from Taiwanese airsoft companies and some are Pelican. These are of course better quality but also more expensive ...


Here it is possible to notice that the rifles are in the cases "upside down". But such a storage is the right one ...

Especially when it comes to the rifles with some copes (or any optical device) - they must be stored as follows:

- we always put the optics to the side where the handle is. Because when we close the case and pick up the handle and stand it - so we do not want the weight of the whole weapon to be on the scope. On the contrary we want the most sensitive part - which is just a rifle or optics in general - to be up.

- we put the gun in the case "muzzle up". When we put it on wheels the stock should be down. We do not want the weight of the gun to be to the barrel. Especially for weapons for precise shooting when the barrel is free floating. Especially when driving a car the whole weight of the gun could eventually be on the barrel.

Simply - when the case is standing we want to have the optics or the barrel up.


The cases are needed for weapons transport in the car. Especially if we want to carry more rifles the size of the case is important. It took me a while to find the perfect rifle case to get our weapons in right and to fit the car trunk. I wanted to be able to use the rear seats as well. In case of long boxes the seats must be folded down and the cases loaded in the direction of travel. But this work for me much better...


Of course it is necessary to have a folding stock on the gun because otherwise the rifles themselves would be too long.

Recently I finally found the right rifle cases. And not just because of size. Quality and price are also very important. These are the Nuprol cases sold by Anareus. Of course they offer other brands too but these are just perfect for our purposes.


They offer three different sizes, three colors, and either classic "wawe" foam or pre-cut rasters (PnP - Pick & Pluck). It is therefore possible to choose from many variants. The cases are durable enough have wheels and are lightweight and basically the price for 4 pieces is similar to one Pelican...

Especially for our trips to other countries it is necessary to carry the weapons individually in locked boxes and ammunition in other locked boxes separately. The picture shows one Pelican rifle case and then four Nuprol cases of the same value... And two boxes with ammunition and other stuff.


And finally two backpacks with equipment for activity for two days and nights including sleeping. The big backpack is Eberlestock Phantom and the smaller is 5.11 Rush 24.


Backpacks are definitely not worth saving and here I can definitely recommend only high quality and proven models and brands...

Not only to members of our team we can offer help or advice when choosing the right equipment. We already have some experience and results with it... Do not be afraid to contact us.

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