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Courses and trainings

In cooperation with Shooting Club UNIVERSAL, we run shooting courses and trainings.

Courses are five-day, very intense, and not just shooting alone but also camouflage and tactics. For those without equipment, we offer the possibility of borrowing quality weapon systems. Come to try them and, based on the information and experience of the courses, then choose your own equipment ...

One-day trainings are different, depending on your focus. It's mainly shooting and drill.

Besides public events we also organize private trainings for team members, focusing on more advanced skills. Again, it is about shooting itself, about tactics and camouflage.

We run courses and trainings in Czech and English language.

Basic course

The basic course is about theory and shooting for beginners.

Advanced course

In the advanced course, we go into more depth theory and the shooting is more demanding.


Trainings focus on different skills, each is different.

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