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Sniper course - basic

The closest term: 19.-23.9.2018

The course will take place in the Highlands on an open, grassy outdoor shooting range and we will shoot at different distances up to 300m. The course will take place in any weather! At the beginning of the course there will be a theoretical introduction, the rest will be practical with shooting.

-       introduction
-       basic knowledge of the weapon
-       lecture on maintenance and cleaning of the weapon
-       basics of ballistics, medium distance shooting theory
-       working with a Mildot, distance estimation
-       running a log and working with it
-       basic lecture on material
-       sighting in of the weapon, rectification of the optics
-       shooting from different positions
-       shooting at different distances
-       shooting at atypical targets
-       shooting in pairs
-       tactics and camouflage
-       shooting exercises
The course will be run by the team "shooter / observer" system. All participants will try both roles in the team. One sniper rifle is enough in the team. The course will be in the military way! In courses do not expect "gentle treatment" known from civilian courses, but "military treatment". Courses are primarily intended for members of the armed forces ... Every day of the course we will work 10-12 hours, intensity of deployment will be high.
-       weapon and ammunition. A weapon optics with one of the tactical reticles. Cleaning for the gun. Bipod and sling!
-       appropriate clothing and footwear to work outdoors under any weather conditions. Military type - camouflage. Civil dressing is not                        appropriate. For Czech course participants we recommend vz.95 or Multicam. We more than recommend goratex shoes and clothing
-       notebook and writing accessories, small calculator
-       sleeping pad, poncho, barracuda !, folding chair
-       observation optics - ideally such that it can be detected in target shooting up to 300m. However, any observation tool is welcome and you            will be pleased!
-       the more material (which you think is appropriate for this activity) you will have, the better ...
-       if you are not sure about your equipment, do not hesitate to contact and ask the instructor in advance. Do not worry about inappropriate              equipment
Weapons: The team will consist of two shooters. We recommend .308 Win or similar weapons. For participants who do not have their own weapon, the weapon may be lent for a fee.
Ammo: min. 100pcs. Ammunition can be delivered at discounted prices.
Duration:  5 days - about 10-12 training hours a day. Teaching will be in Czech, with the possibility of translating into English
Place: Czech Republic, mixed vegetation, altitude about 600 m
Number of course participants: min. 6, max. 12
Transportation: own, but we can help with the transportation from Prague 
Food: we will have the lunch break, but we will not leave the shooting range during the pause. Lunch can be arranged on the shooting range. That would be the case with all the participants at the start of the course.
Accommodation:  in the price of the course. Accommodation will be provided directly on the shooting range for all course participants. 
6.000,- CzK includes only fee and accommodation
6.000,- CzK - loan of the sniper rifle for the team (ie 3.000, - person)
2.500,- CzK - 100 rounds .308 Win (for borrowed rifles)
Location: Světnov shooting range
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