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Precision shooting

Precision shooting.


This discipline is about the ultimate precision. Distances are usually between 100m and 300m, depending on shooting range. Usually we shoot at paper targets and from the prone position. To be successful, he must achieve perfect results, in recent years the performances have jumped to extremes. And the equipment needs to be adapted to this purpose, so the best shooters tailor their equipment to the ultimate precision. Instead of classical bipods, they use F-class bipods (sometimes referred to as rack), weapons are very often single-shot, zoom on the scopes is usually high, to substitute the spotting scopes.

We do not have such equipment and we do not use it. Our equipment is more tactical, so we do not get too high in these types of competitions. With a competition accuracy of around 0.5-0.75 MOA, we can not finish in the top ten...

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