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Speed training

The closest term: 21.10.2018

The training will take place in the Highlands on an open, grassy outdoor shooting range and we will shoot at different distances up to 300m. The training will take place in any weather! At the beginning there will be a quick theoretical introduction, the rest will be practical with the shooting.

Date: 21.10.2018

Training is always on Sundays. Start 09:00, end 18:00. It is possible to arrive on Saturday night and sleep on the shooting range. Accommodation is included in the price of the training.


  • during this training we will be shooting for short time limits

  • we will concentrate on speed and try to master them

  • training will be focused on fast shooting from different positions

  • we will measure the muzzle velocity

  • we will help with ballistic charts

  • shooting from different positions

  • shooting at different distances

  • shooting on different targets

Equipment: weapons and ammunition, observation optics, ballistic charts. It is possible to lend quality weapons for 1.500,- CzK and ammunition in it for 25,-  CzK/ piece
Ammo: 60pcs
Number of course participants: min. 5, max. 10
Price: 1.500,- CzK
Location: Světnov shooting range

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