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Shooting positions - part V

This is the last in a series of articles on shooting positions. Basic prone and other positions - for fast, dynamic and Long Range shooting. Other positions may be suitable for precise shooting at paper targets if the shooter can handle them perfectly - but they may not be suitable for our disciplines. The first article is here... the second one is here, third one is here and the fourth one is here.

And here is the continuation this time less scientifically but more practically and also - not only about the prone position but also about other positions for modern dynamic precision shooting...

Basically everything is said in the video but the summary is this:

The position sideways behind the weapon does not have a very negative effect on the precision. Hard shoulder yes - vertical movement of the hits on the target. However the sideway position behind the weapon has a negative effect on good recoil management. And also with a larger number of shots or stronger calibers it tires the shoulder and errors subsequently occur due to the shooter's fatigue...

In positions other than prone the position behind the weapon is much more important because good recoil management and thus the observation of the hits on the target and the speed of the next shot is very dependent on the position of the shooter.

Modern shooting simply requires a modern approach. Learn where they can keep up ;-)


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