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This is a new type of chassis from MDT that follows up on older LSS model. It is designed for compact weapons with shorter barrels and for a total lower rifle weight. Whether for sport shooting or hunting.

This model has unlike its predecessor some features of the flagship ESS chassis...

The original model was thinner and lighter. But large number of the shooters wanted a longer forend and thus the positioning of the bipod more ahead. So what's the new LSS-XL Gen2 model different from the older LSS?

Above all the forend really changed. It is longer and has M-Lok pattern attachment slots. All accessories with this system can be attached not only from the bottom but also from the sides and also at an angle of 45 °.

This chassis is available for common types of rifles where the stock exchange is convenient. In this case it is Tikka T3 (there are versions for Remington 700, Savage, Howa and CZ527). The LSS-XL Gen2 is designed not only for MDT magazines (both plastic and metal) but works reliably with all AICS type magazines. The mag-well is large. It is easy to insert the magazine and the magazine release is ambidextrous. Any AR type pistol grip can be used for the chassis. We use the proven and well-shaped rubber ERGO Grip. Above the trigger guard is the thumbrest...

Some shooters prefer to have the thumb on side. The thumbrest is quite well done here. It is on both sides - the chassis has all the elements on both sides. MDT also has variants for left side bolt rifles...

The stock can be used any AR type (either fixed or carbine). In this case a great MDT Skeleton Stock with a folding adapter is used. The stock is the fifth generation which has instead of standard screws (even those are in the package) the thumb screws for tool-less adjustment. It is adjustable in length and the buttpad can be moved up and down and even slightly angularly.

The new folding adapters (will be available soon) are absolutely amazing. They are completely solid and free of any wobble. This is where the MDT made a big step forward. They are even in a 2-way locking variant - locked both in a straight and folded positions. Today I can not imagine to have a rifle without a folding stock - both for transport and for cleaning...

The cheek rest can be set not only in height but even sideways or in angle. It's a great little thing that will really be reflected in the quality of the shooting position. The buttpad is made of very soft rubber and is well shaped so the shooter feels really comfortable.

Overall the LSS-XL Gen2 has surprised me very much. I have to admit that I had some doubts before I could test it. But when I test it they actually disappeared and I can say MDT really hit it with this model... MDT has once again shown that they listens to customers and shooters and can adapt. Together with a number of different accessories the LSS-XL Gen2 is not just a cheaper and lighter alternative to the other MDT chassis but a full-featured system for both sport and practical shooting.

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