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Sniper Course - Basic / March

We had the first Sniper course of this year at the end of March. It was a basic course and this time for a small group of friends. I like these individual events it's nice and we are almost like a family during the course ... The courses are for five days and people get very close together.

The weather was once again easy for us as "we had everything" - including a few snowflakes...

As usual, at the basic course, we started with the prone position and shooting from different distances.

Except the prone position we tried other and less stable positions. This is a good sitting position but not for everyone - I can not do it anymore as I do not bend that much...

The position must not always be comfortable and normal. Sometimes you have to improvise.

Important part of the courses is a tremendous amount of theory. For example, ballistics, distance estimating, evaluation of hits (in the picture), work with optics and much more...

Shooting after physical exercise is also one of the basic things. For someone it may be surprising, but the results are sometimes better than normally...

Of course we can not miss the camouflage part. This is always a fun part and everyone enjoys it. Especially those we do not find :-)

This course was again very successful. Thanks to the number of students and who they were everything went very smoothly and easy. That was a joy and when they had good results we did not even want to end ...

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