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Long Range shooting

Long range, or long distances, are usually at a distance of 1000m or more.

Competitions of this type are very dependent on shooting ranges, unfortunately this kind of shooting in our country is very limited, so we often go abroad.

These distances are mostly shot from the prone position at metal targets, sometimes in combination with paper targets.

When shooting at these distances, weather influences play a major role, and how shooters can deal with them is the key.

These are the competitions that are also very enjoyable for us. Our equipment and weapon systems are suitable for this kind of shooting, and we focus on the training. More than the ultimate accuracy of the weapon system, the overall balance and versatility of the shooter and equipment, and above all - the experience and ability to predict the effects of all aspects that may affect the course of the projectile, play a role here. For the future, we want to take part in this type of competition, unfortunately there are not as many as precision shooting competitions.

We are also building a shooting system for shooting up to a distance of about 2000m.

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